Paris July 1est
Arles July 8th
Biarritz July 21st

Role / Production Manager

Why eat crap food during the summer festivals when there are such a large number of small producers with incredible awesome products at hand?

Set as a true itinerant market, the second edition of La Bazarette Fooding took place in three major festivals in France : Days Off (Paris, City of Music), Les Rencontres Internationales de la Photo (Arles) and Big Festival (Biarritz).

During these happy gatherings of small producers and artisans, the festival-goers were welcomed to enjoy local specialties. Barely processed, all products were served as tapas or appetizers. The butcher grills the meat, the baker bakes good bread, the fisherman serves the latests catches and so on! Everything is super fresh, and very very tasty.

For this second edition, the great Swedish Chef Magnus Nilsson (formerly of Astrance, now owner of Fäviken Magasinet) has created the original recipe of the 2011official cocktail. Made only from fresh, 100% natural ingrédients, « Le Mauresquimau », is a reinterpretation of La Mauresque, a classical Ricard (the event’s sponsor) signature drink.

As Production Manager I was responsible for communications with brands, sponsors, partners, chefs, mixologists, talents, and suppliers. I also supervised the local production teams, graphically designed site plans and managed the operational organization as well as the on site run of show.

*Part of the profits from the entrance were donated to the benefit of the association “Les Enfants du Congo Bethanie

Ultra fresh, seasonal, delicious produce ! 

Forget disgusting fries, frozen steaks and tasteless pizzas…