Yatch de Paris


November 18th
November 19th

Role / Production Manager

After the success of “Ebullitions Perpétuelles” (a 3 days overnight round-the-clock pop up restaurant  set up in 2010 for S.Pellegrino) Le Fooding did it again but this time the experience happened on board of the very first “Bateaux-bouffe” throughout a magical evening cruise on the Seine. 

Every evening for 2 days, after a pre-boarding apéritif by Les Vignérons d’Estézargues and a tasty soup by Samuel Alexandre Nahon & Douard (Terroir d’Avenir) an incredible line-up of Chefs – Bertrand Grébaut (Septimus), Franck Baranger (The Pantruche), Daniel Rose (Spring), Giovanni Passerini (Rino), Sven Chartier (Saturn), Victor Gaillard (The Chatomat), James Edward Henry (Au Passage), David Toutain (Agapé Substance), David Loyola and Mathieu Perez (Aux Deux Amis), Keda Black, Peter Jancou (Vivant), Nicolas Darnaughilem (Neptune) – served delicious meals on board of L’Acte III & the Victoria while cruising the Seine towards the Eiffel Towel. At this checkpoint, burgers flipped by Sean Rembold (Marlow & Sons) where brought up in a little zodiac ! The experience ended back at the Henri IV docks where guests enjoyed a signature dessert by Hugues Pouget (Hugo & Victor). 

As Production Manager I was responsible for communications with brands, sponsors, partners, chefs, mixologists, talents, and suppliers. I also supervised the local production teams, graphically designed site plans and managed the operational organization as well as the on site run of show. 

*Part of the profits from the entrance were donated to the benefit of the association “Les Enfants du Congo Bethanie

The very first “Bateaux-Bouffe” !

What can be cooler than taking back touristic playgrounds alongside the hottest Chefs in the city ?